For psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists and experts in the fields of psychology students


With the ability to upgrade DSM


1 - Registration as a professional behaviors and structured according to DSM-IV

2 - The reporting frequency and behavior of individuals and groups in a range of specialized behavioral totally "custom graph

3 show the behavior of the individual psychological issues

4 - Clinical characteristics and any person using the code structured interview based on the DSM-IV

5 - Showing reviews and tests required for each individual according to the initial diagnosis based on DSM-IV

6 - Registration with the results of examinations for persons

7 - Display recommendations based on definitive diagnosis based on DSM-IV

8 - Registration of drugs and therapies with the patient during treatment for each individual

9 - Custom reports  extensive research and specialized according to the characteristics, diagnosis, treatment, research, research results, etc. for individual dose

10 - Enter the number of standardized psychological tests and received a code of behavior based on the behavior of rain

11 - Classification of data access

12 - Issuance of negative reports rain and rain tests positive for individuals

13 - Understanding the psychological problems and talented students on their behavior

14 - turn of patrons

15 - Adding behaviors, characteristics, diseases, treatments, and the connection between them


16. At the time of diagnosis and differential diagnosis of registration


17. Facilities Management Authorities and communication between doctor and patient receptionist and Stopwatch


18. Extraction of reports in Excel


And many other features

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