Chemistry With Life Taste


Two high school chemistry topics become heavy in daily life and fascinating Feeling  story before each topic to topic by reading the student to be familiar with the subconscious and expressed serious topic.

With detailed questions

Use up some fancy colored pictures and fun with every topic

Use the checkboxes "scientific explanations" and "Highlights" every topic

Applicable for students who Hated of Chemistry

 Applicable to the first and second high school students

 Attractive and efficient new method greatly interested in teaching chemistry to the students

 The book is full of character and personality of each element is proportional to its physical and chemical properties

 An attractive and innovative ways to learn without any idea of heavy topics

 Very consistent with the spirit of the students

 We hope that by reading this book you will not only issues to be rather attractive Yadkhvahyd beautiful view of the chemistry will find

 To better understand the details of the book to look at an example:

 One of the students learning carbon buildings and naming  Which are the subject of this book for tangible format

 Apartments built upon this topic easily and sweets Will be charged